Controlled Burning

Controlled burning (also known as mitigation burning) is the best form of preparation for the fire season.

We burn off sections of land in a controlled manner providing your home, work location or other areas with a safe boundary.

Controlled burning reduces the fuel load of a potential uncontrolled fire, and therefore reduces the intensity of a potential uncontrolled fire.

Fire Training, Services & Equipment WA take your pain away by submitting the necessary local shire approvals. Our fully qualified and experienced fire fighting team perform and supervise the mitigation burn.

Our expert staff examine the following factors to ensure the mitigation burn is performed during periods of minimal hazard and risk:

  • Fuel load
  • Fuel type
  • Weather and wind conditions
  • Land gradient
  • Structures / buildings

Contact Fire Training, Services & Equipment WA today to enquire about mitigation burning services.

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